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Boys' Gatherings

Many challenges face our boys and they need us, now more than ever.

These days, most boys grow up disconnected from themselves, from each other, from their families and from the earth. Society's image of what it means to be a man teaches boys to be macho and to push down their feelings; it tells them they need to be the best and that mistakes aren’t tolerated. It is an image that is impossible to live up to and sadly our boys are trying unsuccessfully. It is time to change the message and adjust the conditioning boys receive about what it means to be a man.

Boys' Gatherings provide a safe space for young boys to develop meaningful, positive relationships with each other. Gatherings allow boys to experience living fully in their bodies, connecting to themselves, each other and the earth. In collaboration on projects, they learn to communicate their ideas effectively and work as a team. They learn what it means to be a good friend and how to connect to their own feelings as well as each other's. As our boys begin the transition to young manhood, they will feel supported, engaged and safe.

Boys' Gatherings offer a glimpse of what it should mean to be a young man in the world today: joy, perception, confidence, resilience and connection. Let's raise young men who are positively engaged in life and embody their full potential.

Please refer to the policies page before registering for any programs.

Wild and Free - Fall Session (Pontypool Location)

When: Saturday's - September 17, October 16, November 12, December 10

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Investment: $220.00 (includes four circles, Circle of Mothers, craft supplies and HST) 

Ages: 6 to 9

Where: Our homestead, 3294 Durham Regional Raod 20, Pontypool, ON

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan 

These sessions encourage young boys to be Wild and Free. Together we wander the woods tracking animals, identifying plants, climbing trees and more. We play games, living fully in our bodies and also take time to sit quietly, observe nature and our own stillness. We will begin to gather in circle to discuss being a good friend, our feelings and how to express them, boundaries and consent and more. Wild and Free will be fun and exciting, offering young boys a chance to connect to themselves, each other and the earth, while engaging them in teamwork, outdoor skills, and a reverence for the natural world.

Dates of Wild and Free

Saturday September 17, 2022

Saturday October 15, 2022

Saturday November 12, 2022

Saturday December 10, 2022

Circle of Mothers

Running alongside Wild and Free is Circle of Mothers. Circle of Mothers will offer mothers of the boys registered in Wild and Free, space to care for themselvs and to support their sons. Together we will explore own journeys, healing ourselves and exploring the tools to help guide and support our sons through puberty and adolscence. 

Dates of Circle of Mothers

Sunday October 30, 2022 1pm to 3pm

To register for Wild and Free contact Kim at [email protected]

Wild and Free requires a minimum of six boys and is limited to twelve boys.