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Fall Fun on the Homestead

Let's celebrate the fall season with some nature day fun on the homestead. Drop your children off for a day of fun in the woods and on my homestead. Our time together will include nature connection, arts and crafts, story time, circling, and free play. 

Fall Fun on the Homestead is open to children ages 5 to 10. Our day begins at 9am and finishes up at 3pm. Pack your children a lunch and two snacks and let me take care of the fun.

Please refer to the policies page before registering. Thank you

Fall Fun on the Homestead

When: Friday October 25, 2019

Time: 9am to 3

Cost: $45.00 (includes HST)

Ages: 5 to 10

Where: Our homestead

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan 

A fun day of nature connection, crafting, story time, circling and play.

To register contact Kim at

Nature Day requires a minimum of four children and is limited to eight children.

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