Life At Nature's Pace

First Menarche Celebrations

The time of first menarche (a young girls first menstrual cycle) is a magical and beautiful time. It is an important Rite of Passage celebrated in many cultures around the world and marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood.

In our culture, our menstrual cycle is often seen as a hindrance, something to endure and not at all something that is celebrated. I want to change that. I want young girls to be excited about this transition. I want them to welcome it with a joy-filled heart. I want them to celebrate their menstrual cycle as the beautiful gift it is.

Many cultures around the world celebrate this Rite of Passage with a celebration, a gathering of women important in the young girl’s life. During the gathering there is connection and celebration as we weave the stories of each women’s first menarche and honour the transition of the young woman before us.

Life at Nature’s Pace will now be offering First Menarche Celebrations. Working with mom and daughter, I will assist you in planning a celebration that honours this transition in a beautiful and magical way. Every celebration will be different, based on the desires of both mom and daughter.

If you would like more information please connect with me [email protected]