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Hike and Plunge Community

Thank you to everyone who continues to come out for hikes and plunges, and big thank you to those of you who are members; I appreciate the support. I love guiding the hikes, sharing all things health optimization as we walk, and supporting you as you get in the cold.

These hikes and plunges provide you with a few tools that support healthy living and longevity including movement, nature connection, community connection, early morning sun exposure and an intentional cold immersion. In an hour you gain the benefits of not just one tool to support you but five! That is pretty incredible! And can I say habit stacking for the win! 


As with most things in life, consistency is key. Getting in the cold once is great and feels amazing, but it is the consistent practice that gifts you all the amazing benefits. Research shows minimum effective dose is 11 minutes per week. That's it! So, get your calendar out and pencil in your hike and plunges for the month!

As we shift into the fall and winter season I have two very exciting things to share. The first, my cold immersion tub will be coming out of summer hibernation and my monthly Community Breath and Cold Experiences will begin again at my home studio (the first one is Sunday October 29 – mark your calendar). The second, we will be moving our hike and plunge community to Rising Spirit for the fall and winter. This will give us a warm indoor space to change in before and after our plunge (super important as it gets colder outside) and the best part, we will be plunging in the beautiful cascading waterfalls on the property, all part of the Ganaraska River. This is a beautiful, magical and high vibrational spot and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Our fall and winter plunging schedule will begin Tuesday October 3 at Rising Spirit. We will be hiking and plunging there on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 7am. There is plenty of parking, and you will be able to leave all your things in the car while we hike. Once back from our hike we will head into the yoga studio to change and make our way to the water. We will plunge and then head back inside to change. It is a rocky bottom in the Ganaraska River so you may want some water shoes, both for that and to keep your toes warm as the water temperature drops. As the weather changes I will share more tips as we hike that will support you as you transition into cold immersion in colder outdoor temperatures. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern.

Investment (in your health, well-being and longevity):

  • Pay as You Go - $20 per hike/plunge payable by cash the day of or by etransfer before the hike/plunge to


Memberships (paid on the first of each month by cash or etransfer to

  • One hike/plunge per week - $70

  • Two hike/plunges per week - $120

  • Unlimited hike/plunges per week - $150


****Members will receive added discounts to the monthly Community Breath and Cold Experience, as well as other upcoming events hosted solely by Life at Nature’s Pace.

****Members are welcome to attend any extra pop-up outdoor plunges throughout the month at no extra cost.

****Members are welcome to attend Women’s Nature Gathering at no extra cost.


October schedule hosted at Rising Spirit (7167 Carscadden Road Orono)

Tuesday’s 7am – October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Thursday’s 7am – October 5, 12, 19, 26

Saturday’s 7am – October 7, 14, 21, 28


Pop-Up Hike and Plunges for October ($20 pay as you go OR included with memberships) hosted at Orono Crown Land, Ochonski Road parking lot (535 Ochonski Road, Clarington, Ontario L0B 1M0)

Sunday October 1, 7am

Sunday October 8, 7am

Monday October 9, 7am


Women’s Nature Gathering – Sunday October 15, 2 to 4pm ($20 pay as you go OR included with memberships) hosted at Enniskillen Conservation Area (no plunge, just hike, breath and community).


Community Breath and Cold Experience – Sunday October 29, 9am to 11am ($60 OR $50 with membership) hosted at my home studio.


Let's continue to make this year one of connection, cold immersion, movement and community, because doing hard things together is so much more fun then doing them alone.

Join me!

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