Life at Nature's Pace

Life At Nature's Pace


Monthly Women's Circle

Women's Circle 

When: Thursday September 26, 2019
Time: 7 to 9:30pm
Investment: $30.00 (includes HST, tea and small snacks)
Ages: Women, age 18 and over
Where: Our homestead 
Facilitator: Kim Corrigan 

There was a time in history when women gathered to look after each other and each other’s children, share stories, ask for guidance and support, and rest in the red tent. It was normal, expected and a way of life. And slowly it was lost. 

Our world today has us living in our own little bubbles. We are isolated and disconnected. We often feel alone. Yet, we crave human connection, because we are hardwired for connection (thank you Brene Brown) and yet have forgotten how to create it. We find ourselves sitting at home, alone, scrolling on social media, seeking connection, yet feeling more disconnected than ever. 

Until we find the circle. 

So many women have forgotten the art of circling. It is one of the most powerful places we can be, and when a woman steps into the safety and sacredness of the circle she remembers. Stepping into the circle can feel hard and scary. It is a place of vulnerability and authenticity. You are asked to show up, fully present, as you are. No mask. Nothing to hid behind. Just you, ready to be open, honest and raw. When we commit to showing up we slowly and bravely begin to reveal our true self in a way that is so powerful and liberating, you begin to fall deeply in love with yourself.

Are you ready to shed old skin, tear back the layers, create new possibilities, and discover the transformative power of circle? 

Yes? Then come, gather in circle with other brave women to connect, to yourself and to each other and to support and celebrate each other. Through sharing, meditation, journaling, exploration and movement we will offer ourselves compassion and grace as we deepen our connection to self and to each other. During this circle we will explore what is holding us back from living the life we want? We will uncover our fears and open ourselves to our deepest desires. 

Investment for this evening of in person, heart to heart, soul to soul connection is $30 including HST, tea and snacks.

Monthly circles are open to all women, whether you have circled before or not, and invite you to come as you are.

For more information or to register connect with [email protected]

The Circle is open to twelve women.