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Monthly Women's Circle

Monthly Women's Circle - Connecting to Pleasure (November Circle)

When: Tuesday November 13, 2018
Time: 7 to 9:30pm
Cost: $45.00 (includes HST, tea and refreshments)
Ages: Women, age 18 and over
Where: Our homestead 
Facilitator: Kim Corrigan 

Come together in the sacred space of the Circle with other women to connect and share. Women's Circles provide a safe space for exploration, growth and connection. Throughout history women have gathered in the sacred space of the Circle, and today many are finding their way back. During our time together we will share in ceremony, meditate, journal, open our hearts, speak our truth and in the process create magic.

In this circle we will explore our connection, or lack of connection, to pleasure. We will examine our shame, embarrassment and negative thought patterns around pleasure. We will take steps to become pleasure seekers in every day life, and connect to pleasure in new and exciting ways. You will give yourself permission to open to pleasure. This circle will include mediation, journaling, self-reflection, sharing circle, movement and take home exercises to continue your journey into pleasure.

Sitting in Circle with other women is powerful. We come together with the intention of holding space for each other, creating safety to share our stories, heal our past and step into our truth. As women we have a natural orientation to relationships and connection, and we find comfort and support as we open our hearts to each other.

A Women’s Circle is:
:: A sacred space honoring the uniqueness of each woman
:: A space that creates equality
:: A safe space where you can share your hopes, dreams, and disappointments
:: A space of non-judgement
:: A space for you to tell your stories, heal your past, and look forward to your future
:: A space that gives you permission to show up as you are, an imperfect human learning and growing on this journey called life
:: A space that allows you to find your way home, to the truth of who you really are

Monthly circles are open to all women, whether you have circled before or not, and invite you to come as you are.

For more information or to register connect with [email protected]

The Circle is open to twelve women.