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Raising Sexually Empowered Children

Raising Sexually Empowered Children

When: Sunday February 5, 2023

Time: 1pm to 3:30pm

Investment: $55.00 (includes HST)

Ages: Parents, future parents, caregivers, mentors

Where: Our homestead

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan

What messages are you sending your child about their sexuality? How are you preparing them for a healthy, satisfying intimate relationship with themselves and with others? We carry a lot of shame and embarrassment around sexuality, pleasure and sensuality, and many of us did not receive comprehensive sex education. So how do we change that story for our children? How do we show up with an open heart and full honesty in conversations about sexuality? First and foremost, we acknowledge that we have work to do and then we step up and meet the challenge. It starts with us, as parent and caregivers.

I am excited to host an informative afternoon that will provide you with tips and tools to create a solid foundation for raising sexually empowered children. You will gain comfort with topics that are often taboo and filled with shame so you can create an open and honest culture in your home around sex, the body, pleasure, safety and more.

Sexuality is a natural and normal part of our experience on this earth. When we can talk with our children about sex, when we allow them autonomy over their bodies, when we share with them that sexual intimacy is about both reproduction and pleasure, when we respect them enough to prepare them instead of scare them and when we start young and provide ongoing guidance and conversations we foster healthy sexual development free of embarrassment and shame.

Join me for this information afternoon and together we will begin the journey of raising sexually empowered children.

I will be providing tips and tools for talking about sexuality with children birth to 10. I will cover topics such as body awareness, consent and boundaries, pleasure, masturbation, gender orientation, supporting your child as they discover their sexuality and more. All are welcome, wherever you are on your journey.

For questions or to register, connect with Kim at [email protected]

This evening is open to 20 people. All are welcome...parents, future parents, caregivers, grandparents, mentors.