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Life At Nature's Pace


The Art of Connection and Intimacy 

Our lives are a mess of distraction. Our attention is being pulled in every direction. We are made to believe we are more connected than ever, and in a way we are, but not in a way that favours deep, open, honest, intimate connection. It's time to reconnect with our partners.

Join Tamara and Kim for an afternoon of connection and intimacy with your partner. In this workshop Kim and Tamara will share their personal journeys to discovering deeper connection and intimacy, provide suggestions for deepening connection with your partner, create a sensual and connecting massage oil with Young Living essential oils, share massage techniques that you can use with your partner to create connection, and guide you in a live exercise to open the pathway to deeper connection and intimacy with your partner.

You will leave this workshop with tools to begin working towards a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

The Art of Connection and Intimacy 

When: Sunday November 11, 2018
Time: 1 to 4pm
Cost: $60.00 per couple (includes HST, workshop, tea, homemade chocolate treats and take home massage oil)
Ages: Couples, age 18 and over 
Where: Our homestead 
Facilitator: Kim Corrigan and Tamara Brook Allred

Come together in the sacred space of the Circle with your partner to learn tools to build a foundation for deeper connection and intimacy. Connection and intimacy take vulnerability and authenticity, they take time and effort and they require intention and awareness. In this workshop we will help guide and provide tools to you and your partner to support you in your journey to deeper connection and intimacy. 

For more information or to register connect with [email protected]

The Circle is open to twelve couples.