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The Magic of Your Moon Cycle eBook

The Magic of Your Moon Cycle

Did you know you have a beautiful built-in road map that can provide you with direct, detailed information about you, your feminine nature, your emotions and more. A road map that can guide you, sharing with you the most powerful times to create, to be sensual and sexual, to retreat and reflect, to nourish and nurture. This road map is built into your feminine nature. It’s a part of who you are - a gift. Once you recognize this powerful and magical gift you will be on a journey to creating an incredible and fulfilling life.

The Magic of Your Moon Cycle is a 32-page eBook that will help guide you to understanding and connecting to your cyclic nature. We are cyclic beings. Cycles and rhythms are part of our lives, whether or not we pay attention to them, from the cycle of our days, months, and years, the cycles of the moon and the sun, the cycle of nature and the seasons, the cycle of life and more. I have discovered, through my own life and living in tune with the many natural cycles of our environment, that when we set an intention to become aware of the movement through the cycles we open the door to greater connection to ourselves.

Connecting to our cyclic nature as women allows us to tap into the wonder of our own being. It is our own personal map to harnessing the energy, beauty and magic that is within us.

This eBook will provide you with:

:: a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle and the cascade of hormones sending messages to your body throughout the month

:: an awareness of your cyclic nature in connection to the seasons and the moon

:: an awareness of the characteristics and emotions of each phase of the menstrual cycle

:: an understanding of how to live with and in awareness, acceptance and alignment with your menstrual cycle

:: tools to honour your cyclic nature, and ways to nurture and nourish yourself in each phase

:: a deep knowledge of your magic and power, and how to use it to create the life you want

The Magic of Your Moon Cycle will provide you with the tools to help you reclaim your relationship with your cyclic nature, but ultimately the information is already inside you, this eBook is here to assist you in making sense of the information, and to provide guidance as you connect to your own magic.

What people are saying:

"This offering is written with so much heart, soul and insight. Kim speaks and shares from experience, allowing all of us to discover and embody the joys of being truly connected to ourselves. I highly recommend this book – delve into the beauty and wisdom of yourself and nature, and enrich your life." ~ Renee

"The Magic of your Moon Cycle e-book is a well researched, data rich, intuitively crafted masterpiece that speaks to my heart. I felt I was already well versed and informed about my cycle, but this e-book has been incredibly valuable for me. There is SO MUCH TO LEARN!! It’s truly fascinating. The teachings have brought me clarity, understanding and most importantly, has allowed me to show myself more grace. I love having the quick reference chart easily accessible on my kitchen fridge, and my cycle charting sheet next to my bed. The tools in this e-book have not only made it effortless to keep track of where I am in my cycle, but has allowed a much deeper understanding of myself as a cyclical being. Thank you for such a nurturing book and reference tool Kim." ~ Tanya

"The Magic of Your Moon Cycle came at the perfect time in my life. This information is what every women and girl needs to understand about their beautiful, magical bodies! Perfectly laid out and easy to follow. Insightful and intuitive. Thank you for sharing your passion and your moon cycle ceremony process with us. I thought I knew about my added so much more than expected. Such a gift!!!" ~ Nicole

"This collection of resources from Kim's book, The Magic of Your Moon Cycle, has powerfully supported me with awareness of my emotional phases. It provides me clarity that empowers each cycle with integrity and choice. I set up my business and personal life around what I’ve learned and have gained confidence, productivity and acceptance. Thank you Kim!" ~ Ashley

"This book is a must read for every woman! After just two months of charting I feel more deeply connected to myself and have a greater understanding of my own unique cyclic nature. I have a new respect for my period and love that I have learned how to tune in to the ebbs and flows of my own unique cycle. Kim's voice throughout the book is nurturing and the guidance she offers is incredible! I highly recommend this book." ~ Megan

"Oh my goodness this is exactly what I was looking for Kim! I literally just finished reading your book. I love it! LOVE love it! LOVE love it! I will be making a trip out to get it printed so I have a hard copy and the already pre-made moon charts!! But not I am hibernating and planning my moon basket and my month to come. Thank you, thank you 💕" ~ Rose

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Investment in You: $18

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