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Mother Daughter Moon Cycle Workshop

With loving intention, Kim is excited to offer a Mother Daughter Moon Cycle Workshop. This workshop will provide sacred space for mothers (or female caregivers) to witness and support their daughters’ journey and to nurture and nourish their mother-daughter relationship.

If we look back in history, young girls were once held in the space of women. They were often in the company of their mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers, community surrounded them. From this community of women, they heard stories of womanhood, and learned to connect to their own Sacred Feminine. Sadly, this is something that has been lost in our world today and as a result our young girls are left searching for who they are in a culture that is obsessed with looks and with a focus on outward appearance rather than their own inherent beauty, strength and wisdom.

It is time to gather in community again. To allow our daughters’ space in the circle, with their mother, for support, growth, and connection. Let’s remind our daughters’ that they have a deep strength and wisdom within them, let’s inspire them to embody their Sacred Feminine, let’s help them nurture a relationship with their inner Goddess.

Mother Daughter Moon Cycle Workshop

When: New date coming soon

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Investment: $120.00 

Ages: Mothers and Daughters, ages 11 to 15

Where: 3294 Durham Regional Road 20, Pontypool

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan

Join me for this afternoon of connection and learning. Together we will explore the changing female body through puberty, discuss our hormones and what exactly is happening throughout the month and gain an understanding of the seasons of the menstrual cycle. 

The afternoon will include information on the following:

:: What is happening hormonally to kick start puberty

:: The brain, body and emotions during puberty

:: How our hormones create ovulation and menstruation

:: Anatomy of the vulva and reproductive system

:: Phases of the menstrual cycle, our superpowers in each phase and how we can support ourselves with ritual

:: Exploring menstrual cycle products to support our bleed time

:: Our period as our fifth vital sign and how to chart

To register or for questions please connect with Kim at

This afternoon of Mother Daughter learning and connection is open to twelve mothers and daughters. 

Please refer to the policies page before registering for any programs

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