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What people are saying about their experience at Life at Nature's Pace....

"In this fast-paced world where we are constantly bombarded with stimulation, Life At Nature's Pace is the perfect counterbalance. There is a serenity and peace that you feel as soon as you arrive at Kim's. For adults and children alike, it is such a gift to be able to slow down, be surrounded by nature, and learn, all under Kim's patient guidance. She has a calm and comforting presence, coupled with such an extensive knowledge of things that I believe are truly important in childhood development, as well as for adults too. I would recommend Kim and her programs to everyone!" ~ Tamara

"Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at Kim's beautiful home. They loved dying silks and playing outside. My daughter had a wonderful time at the lotions and potions workshop, she uses her lip balm daily and is so proud of her creations. We look forward to future workshops with Kim." ~ Judy

"My children had a fantastic experience meeting sweet friends and creating pure, wonderfully scented body care products at Kim's Lotions and Potions workshop. A rare entity in a fast-paced world, Kim holds a gentle, intelligent, educational space in a gorgeous setting. I look forward to my turn at Life at Nature's Pace." ~ Lisa

"I would like to thank you for allowing C to join camp this summer (2017). It was totally out of her comfort zone, as she is so shy. She came home each day with a smile on her face, and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the days at camp. She loves her Nature Journal and continues to draw in it, and is labeling the things she did and the friends she met. She adored the finger knitting and is teaching her younger brother. I will definitely enroll her again next year, and hopefully her brother too." ~ Lianne

"Girls Camp was our daughters most memorable experience of the summer this year. We are grateful this unique program is an option as it truly is a much needed "One of A Kind" opportunity for young girls. She built new special relationships, created the most beautiful handmade treasures and always had SO many exciting stories to share at the end of each day. Thank you Life at Nature's Pace." ~ Tanya

"I was a little skeptical about sending my son to the Rooted and Growing session as he is virtually attached to his computer, phone, tablet or some other random screen and is a little (a lot...) resistant to nature, air and cold weather..... I had to just trust that being with you in your space would open his eyes to a new experience. After 2.5 hours with you, when I saw him, he bounced into my arms and excitedly told me everything in detail about this new experience. I was completely in awe. He had the time of his life and cannot wait until he can go back. Thank you again Kim. ♡" ~ Dawn

"Kim I am so grateful for you, your guidance, and your beautiful space that allows me to heal and move towards finding myself. I drove home yesterday feeling a bit lost for words for what it has done for me (and my daughter) - but the gratitude runs deep. It's soul filling. And I truly thank you💗" ~ Rebecca

"Kim, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing program you have put together for the boys. My son has LOVED every minute of it, and honestly, I've never seen him excited to continue at something as he has been with Rooted and Growing. We're very much looking forward to the fall." ~ Laura

"I attended my first women's circle on summer solstice. I cannot say enough about how warm and friendly I found Kim and Gabrielle to be. Not knowing what to expect was exciting but also kind of nerve wrecking. However, I was very surprised at how comfortable it was to be there in the presence of all these amazing women. I felt safe and loved. I can't wait to attend more circles this coming fall" ~ Tara

"Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved your women’s circle, The Magic of Your Moon Cycle. I loved everything about it! Your energy, the space, the information you shared, the connection between the women to share. I really enjoyed myself so so much. Throughout the night I also kept having visions of more women’s circles of all sorts taking place there...I felt like it was a space where magic would happen! The weeks prior to attending your circle, I had just gone through a rough time, and I was emotionally exhausted. Your special night really helped to get me moving into the right direction towards healing. It was just what I needed to get out and remember what I connect most too. Anyhow, I wanted to say thank you! I hope to join you for more circles. You’re a special gift!" ~ Magic of Your Moon Cycle participant

“What an incredible night of connection!! An evening of information, laughter and a deeper understanding of why we need and deserve pleasure in our day to day lives. This circle exceeded my expectations and I walked away filled to the brim with goodness ❤️ In the days since, I have noticed that I am more aware and intentional to take a moment to let those simple pleasures soak in. Simple moments that I may have let pass by, I have now taken the time to pause, feel and enjoy. Grateful to Kim and Tanya for sharing so much of their knowledge and experiences. ❤️” ~ Jodi



"When I started the discussions, I was a little nervous at first, talking about my body. I enjoyed talking to Kim on Zoom, and my Mom participated with me. We both listened and learned new information and if we didn't understand, Kim took the time to explain in detail. She taught me so much about my body and I feel supported for the changes that are going to be happening to my body. I'd like to thank Kim for teaching me the magic in my body and I hope Kim can show you that you have magic too!" ~ Sophia (9 years old)



"Kim exudes a confidence, ease and enthusiasm that is contagious! My daughter shared that night how excited she was for all the changes that would be happening to her body. What a gift! To be excited instead of fearful, to know there are safe people to turn to when there are questions and to trust the unfolding of her body! We are so grateful for this timely workshop with Kim." ~ Tamara and Sophia (age 7)



“Cast your mind back to when you were "coming of age" how did you learn about what puberty meant? How did you learn about menstruation and why we react the way we do, why our bodies do what they do and what all the parts mean and why do we even have them?


I thought that in my late 40s I knew a lot about my body.....until this incredible workshop!


I took Lilly with me as I knew that as her mum I only have vocabulary and knowledge that I have acclaimed throughout the years.


It was nothing short of incredible.


Kim delivered the beautiful information in an interesting and fun and enlightening and community based and inspiring way.


If you have a daughter 7-10, this is a MUST, we need to understand and appreciate ourselves more and it starts with knowledge! ❤️❤️” ~ Ella (and daughter Lilly, age 10)



"I am honoured to have shared such an incredible space with Kim and other amazing women. Kim's calm energy and soothing voice were the perfect fit for my first breathwork journey. I would highly recommend these sessions to others and look forward to my next one!" ~ Daphne


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"We attended the couples breathwork experience with Kim and it was the first time either of us did any breathwork in any formal capacity. Kim had the space set up beautifully and made us feel extremely comfortable and supported throughout the experience. We both felt like the breathwork exercises transported us into another realm where time stopped and nothing existed but the two of us and our connection - no thoughts, no worries, just space, calm and love. The eye gazing, breathwork session where we got to cozy up together and the reflection time afterwards with snacks and tea by the fire were blissful, and the music honestly took the whole experience to the next level. The connection we felt during the experience has stayed with us for days following that night and we've both also been resting much more deeply since then. We would highly recommend this experience to any couple looking either to reconnect, connect more deeply with one another or to just to take some time out of the busyness of life to simply bask in the loving connection you have. This will definitely not be our last experience supported by Kim - her energy and the love she puts into her offerings are so refreshingly welcome." ~ Seydou and Aysha Mendes da Mata



"Thank you for such a wonderful series. Maddi had a really positive experience in your circle and is looking forward to joining again in the fall.


I wanted to take a moment and extend my gratitude for the doors of communications you've opened. We've always had open communication, but this has given us the opportunity to talk about important topics with a sense of curiosity and discovery that I never had growing up and for that I am truly grateful. It has provided a starting point, language, and broken down some of those walls of taboo or embarrassment that never needed to be there in the first place. We'd set aside some time to talk last night and had a great discussion about products and Maddi had her own opinion about what might work best for her and wants to be part of the buying process, something I still don't "love". 

What you give these girls is amazing and I look forward to many more discussions with Maddi over the years to come that will build connection and positively contribute to our relationship." ~ Quinn



"Kim, Thank you for getting the pictures to me, they are a great reminder of a transformative experience and a wonderful Sunset Social on the farm!!


You are absolutely incredible at guiding through the challenge of the cold immersion and I was surprised at the impact of the breathwork on my ability to take on the cold without fear. I look forward to joining more sessions and having more help from you to navigate through my mental health challenges by embracing breathwork and the cold. I have no doubt that guided breathwork and cold immersion will have a large impact on my healing journey." ~ Doug



"Kim, can't thank you enough for guiding us into unchartered territory last night. The entire event was beautiful, nerve racking, uncomfortable at times, euphoric and I really can't express enough gratitude for the way you were able to support us through it all. 


You're incredible at what you do. 


I'm really glad I made it a priority to get out there to try on something new because it was like nothing I've ever experienced. Rest assured I'll be out again, looking to build on that experience and maybe even add a couple more head dunks into the mix." ~ Darryl

"I recently attended, "My beautiful body Mother Daughter circle" with Kim. I wasn't exactly sure what we were walking into but as soon as we arrived we were welcomed by Kim into her studio with treats and a place to park ourselves for the next 2 hours. It was a lovely afternoon shared with other moms and daughters.


With a mixed variety of pictures, diagrams, conversations, crafts and questions, Kim walked us through puberty and getting to know our bodies in a very positive light. The time was over in a flash and my daughter and I left feeling very connected and empowered. My daughter said that she thought Kim was so nice and so easy to talk to and I 100% agree! We will be keeping an eye open for one of Kim's circles for girls in the future for sure!! Thanks so much Kim!!!!" ~ Lindsey

"Kim is an amazing cold water immersion guide! I had such an amazing experience at her breathwork and cold water immersion class last weekend! My carpal tunnel literally stopped bugging me for two full days! I even had aches and pains on other parts of my body literally disappear! The breathwork had me so relaxed and calmed! I was so nervous to stay in the cold water but she reminded us how to breathe it out, I can’t wait to take another course with Kim as the instructor!" ~ Crystal


"I was on fire all day Saturday, so much energy, feeling so alive, a literal shock to the system - it was amazing. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your time with the group.

Thank you for your insight. Thank you for your beginning to teach, and train, others. Thank you for being the good, soulful person you are. Thank you for guiding me into the merciless cold water. And, finally, thank you for those brownie balls, they are delicious and nutritious. I do look forward to meeting you again and will be back in the cold." ~ Brad





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